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Firstly, thanks for your interest in sponsoring this year’s Security BSides Perth. Last year’s conference was spectacular, so this year we’re planning an even more ambitious example of how a grass roots security conference should be run for Perth’s cyber security community.


What is BSides?

BSides is a community-driven framework for building events for and by information security community members. The goal is to expand the spectrum of conversation beyond the traditional confines of space and time. It creates opportunities for individuals to both present and participate in an intimate atmosphere that encourages collaboration. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. It is where conversations for the next-big-thing are happening.


What can you expect at Perth’s BSides Conference?

Following the success of last year’s Security BSides Perth (2018), the team couldn’t be happier to be planning it all again for 2019.

Keeping with our upwards trends, this year will be bigger and better still. We are planning a proactive advertising campaign that will run throughout the year to attract a bigger audience from all over Australia, and internationally.

We know the Perth community is hungry for more, but something that surprised all of us was the number of out-of-state delegates that flew in especially for the event. Amazing!

We already will have a selection of local, national and international speakers lined up to speak in 2019, along with demonstrations, workshops, physical security lessons on lock picking, and more. This is your opportunity, as a sponsor, to get in and sponsor some aspect of the security event that everyone is talking about.




Touching every aspect of the Security Community


Ticket Sales

In 2018, we sold over 260 tickets for our weekend event. We maintained our $50 price tag and provided a huge amount of sponsor giveaways, lunch each day and a free coffee wagon for both mornings.

For 2019, we have booked an extra theatre to accommodate two talk streams and up to 500 people. We are currently developing advertising strategies and media campaigns to reach more participants than any other technology and security conference in Perth.


Social Media

Over the weekend and following days, our unique hashtag #BsidesPer was used over 400 times by individual twitter and LinkedIn users, influencing a community of almost 500,000 users.


Tweets congratulated speakers for high-quality talks, discussed the hackable badges and commentated on the progress of the conference.

Text Box: Silvio Cesare ‏@silviocesare 15 Sept 2018
 For $50 @BSidesPer offered 2 days of great talks. A Wi-Fi connected electronic badge. A cool con t-shirt. A tote bag. 2 parties. Free pizza lunch, free good coffee, free redbull. A program guide, a CTF and god knows what else I missed :)

Andy Battle‏ @andybattle 15 Sept 2018

Hats off guys! @NHardy @Dolesification @pete12601 A great weekend you put together. Really set the bar for #Perth cons @BSidesPer #bsidesperth ~ a massive thanks to all the speakers and sponsors @uwanews @Fortinet @rapid7 @Kinetic_IT_Aus @Quest @diamondcybersec @hack_5 @redbull









Attracting International Talent

In 2018, our speakers travelled from all over Australia and the world, in fact, only 3 of our speakers were Perth locals. This shows that our conference is making a substantial impact internationally for companies and individuals alike.

John McClurg

Former FBI agent and current VP of Cylance travelled from California to speak at BSides Perth 2018.


Silvio Cesare

BSides Canberra organiser travelled to present a lesson on reverse engineering.


Deral Heiland

Rapid 7’s lead IoT researcher presented on pulling apart embedded devices.


Absolutely loved @BSidesPer - certainly doing this one again! Hats off for pulling together such an incredible con… Can't believe this was only year two! #BSidesPerth

Michael Skelton

Careers Workshop


How to get a job in infosec

During BSides Perth, Ricki Burke, Director and founder of Australia’s foremost Information Security recruiter, CyberSec People, hosted a workshop for those that are or will be looking to work in the security industry.

Ricki showed how a proactive person can increase their chances of job offers and not be just another number in the job application black hole.



The Swag

On Registration, every participant received a tote-bag with:

-       A hackable “smart” badge

-       BSides tee

-       Beanie

-       Toolkit

-       Stickers



The Badge

Our electronic badges were designed by our team and displayed Sponsor messages and a dynamically updated schedule for the event.

The badge also contained various challenges for attendees to play in the CTF.




Capture the Flag

In 2018, we ran our own Capture The Flag event with the help of our volunteers. It included challenges engaging reverse engineering, web application hacking, puzzle solving and more!

The winning team from Deakin University took home $2,000 worth of Fortinet equipment.




"It's important to us that everyone at BSides Perth is considered a participant, not just an ‘attendee’. We want everyone to have a voice and participate in the discussion" - Alex Dolan, BSides Perth

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